Members Letter!

Dear Members please see below letter that was sent out via our new Society E-mail.

Due the the Society have new e-mails that all correspondences will be sent out via, I advise that all members personal Spam/Junk folders are check, once opened you will receive into your inbox next time.

If you are not receiving any correspondences please contact the General Sec via e-mail.

Dear Member,

Formal Notification of the closure of the HMS Raleigh Golf Cartel and forming of Raleigh Golf Society

I write to formally inform you that, following a final Service Audit in Dec 2021, HMS Raleigh Golf Cartel was closed and we have been operating independently as a private organisation from this date.

As a result of the above decision and, after considering professional advice regarding the best options to continue the facility in a more appropriate and official manner, it has been decided to form a not-for-profit unincorporated society (members society) namely, Raleigh Golf Society. Affiliated Golf Clubs have been informed of this intended change, and it will not affect our offer this financial year. The key change for members to note here is that, although low risk, we no longer have the overarching support of HMS Raleigh and all members will now be liable for any Society debts, contractual obligations and litigation claims. In order to mitigate some of this risk an appropriate third party liability and professional indemnity insurance has been put in place.

To facilitate the change, all the Cartel monies were transferred from the HMS Raleigh Central Amenities Fund into a Lloyds Bank Business Account under the name Raleigh Golf Societyin Dec 2021. A full audit of accounts from this date with an independent auditors report is now being prepared along with a 3-year business plan to identify any risks. Additionally, a new constitution with governance, which closely follows the original aims and membership criteria, is being drafted for members approval at an AGM planned for March 2024.

A new committee is also being formed and I invite nominations/volunteers for the following positions, Chairman, General Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Fixtures and Events Secretary, Serving and Ex-Serving Representative, MoD Contractors Representative and a Legislation and Regulatory Compliance Advisor, who will be formally elected by the membership at the next AGM.

All members will be informed of the venue and date of the AGM where any independent decisions that have been made regarding membership and club affiliations since the transition will require ratification by the newly elected Committee and membership.

Yours sincerely

Signed on original

Raleigh Golf Society Acting Secretary